Things To Know About Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence In Phoenix Arizona
Domestic Violence In Phoenix Arizona

5 Things to Know About Domestic Violence Charges

Many courts and authorities across the country take domestic violence extremely seriously. Those convicted of a domestic violence charge face significant penalties that can include probation and jail time, depending on the circumstances. Most domestic violence offenses in the state of Arizona are charged as the equivalent to the most serious misdemeanor offense in the state’s legal system.

The serious nature of the crime has led to a variety of questions about domestic violence charges, especially since cases can be very different depending on the details. Some of the most important things to know about domestic violence charges include

  • It Is Very Hard to Talk Your Way Out of a Case: Many people think that they can talk to the police, explain things have settled down after a verbal or physical altercation, and then have authorities simply go about their way. Since most domestic violence situations are on a ‘he-said-she-said’ basis, authorities are required to investigate the testimonies of both sides and examine physical injuries in order to draw up charges if they are warranted.
  • Domestic Violence Charges Can Negatively Impact Entire Families:  Many accusations of domestic violence result in protective orders for those involved, which can place a significant strain on families if the accused plays a big role with children or in other affairs.
  • Charges Are Not Able to be Dropped by Victims: After a case makes it way to a prosecuting attorney, they are the only ones with the power to drop a case. Even if the victim refuses to cooperate or wants to drop charges, the case can still go on if the prosecutor chooses to pursue charges.
  • Charges Often Result in Other Consequences: Domestic violence carries a big stigma in many workplaces and in the eyes of the law. As a result, those facing domestic violence charges can find it very difficult to gain employment or participate in different organizations. Additionally, a domestic violence conviction can result in the removal of some rights, like the ability to own a firearm.
  • Charges Can Be Filed Without Any Injuries: Domestic violence charges can come about in the absence of physical injuries. The occurrence of criminal damage within a domestic relationship can lead to a domestic violence offense in certain scenarios. A couple in a relationship that is engaged in disorderly conduct can also see domestic violence charges be levied against them due to the nature of their relationship.

If you or someone you know is facing a domestic violence charge, an experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to advise about the best course of action and let you know about the different aspects of domestic violence law. They will also be able to represent your best interest in court and make sure the prosecution is not bringing in evidence of a prior domestic violence conviction to argue for a propensity towards committing domestic violence offenses.  

If you have been charged with domestic violence, call us today to schedule your free, confidential legal consultation with a criminal defense attorney.