Arizona Lawyers explains the ignition interlock device.

The Ignition Interlock Device Explained

How long will I need to use an ignition interlock device after my DUI conviction?

The ignition interlock device is a device that gets installed under your vehicle’s dashboard. Before the vehicle will start, the driver will need to exhale into the device. The device then registers whether the driver is intoxicated. Should the driver’s breath exceed the legal blood alcohol limit, the car will not start until a clean breath sample is provided. Further, the device will log the failure, which will then get reported to the court. Arizona DUI defendants will want to be aware of the rules and potential problems surrounding the ignition interlock device, as they could be required to use this device if convicted of a DUI.

Who Must Use One?

In the state of Arizona, if you are convicted of a first offense DUI, you will be sentenced to no less than 10 days in jail and fined no less than $1,250. Additionally, you will be required, at your expense, to equip any vehicle you operate with an ignition interlock device. You must keep this device on your vehicle, and comply with its use, for at least 12 months. You should anticipate spending between $70 and $150 for the installation of the ignition interlock device, plus another between $60 and $100 a month for the monitoring and calibration of the unit.

For many DUI defendants, the one-year requirement for the ignition interlock device turns into a longer sentence. Should you register as intoxicated on the device, just this one infraction could result in the court ordering for another year of use of the ignition interlock device. Having to endure the expense, inconvenience, and, for many, embarrassment of one for multiple years is something anyone will want to avoid.

If you have been sentenced to use an ignition interlock device, you will want to avoid accidentally causing an infraction at all costs. If you have been drinking, do not get behind the wheel. At times, people will attempt to defeat the device by having a friend blow into it. This is not a good idea as many devices have cameras that will record the infraction and all devices require retests once the vehicle is in operation. Anyone who has been alleged to be in violation of the ignition interlock device will want to act quickly and consult with a DUI defense lawyer as you can contest the charges, but you have a limited window to act.

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