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passenger accident injuriesUnfortunately, at the same time as road traffic increases and vehicles move more quickly, larger percentages of drivers are distracted and/or impaired. These combined factors result in an increasing number of motor vehicle accidents and more serious injuries and fatalities on our roads, here in Arizona and throughout the country. Some of those who suffer personal injuries or wrongful death are passengers, who are almost always innocent victims.

If you have suffered serious injuries in the state of Arizona while a passenger in a car, taxi, Uber or Lyft vehicle, or on a bus, the accomplished personal injury attorneys at Arizona Lawyers are here to see that you are properly compensated. You deserve to be reimbursed for your medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses associated with the trauma you’ve endured. Whoever was at fault for the accident, our skilled attorneys will file a lawsuit on your behalf against the responsible party.

Arizona Is an At-Fault State

In Arizona, the motorist whose negligence caused the collision is responsible for all resulting personal injuries. In many cases, however, since Arizona is a comparative negligence state, fault for a car accident may be determined to be divided between the drivers involved. It is, therefore, possible for our attorneys to get you damages from both parties.

Passenger Injuries in Taxis or Limousines

If you are injured in a taxi or limousine, both the driver and cab company may be considered responsible if the driver is ruled to be majorly at fault. At Arizona Lawyers, we will fight vigorously to make sure you receive the funds you’re entitled to whether the accident was due to faulty maintenance of the cab, reckless driving by the driver, or both. On the other hand, if another driver was responsible for the collision, our attorneys will assist you in filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other person involved.

Passenger Injuries in Uber or Lyft

The situation regarding personal injury in a Lyft or Uber accident is somewhat different from an injury in a taxi because the driver of a Lyft or Uber owns the vehicle. Nonetheless, these for-hire companies not only require that their drivers to be well-insured, but the companies themselves carry $1 million insurance for passenger injuries while the driver’s app is active. You should be aware, however, that the policy of the company usually kicks in only after the driver’s own insurance has been exhausted. If the driver of the other vehicle is found liable, our astute attorneys will help you sue the other driver’s insurance company.

Passengers on Buses

There are a number of factors that make buses more dangerous than other vehicles. Buses are large, hard to maneuver, and take longer to stop than cars. In spite of this, they have the ability to move rapidly. Designed to provide comfort and cabin room for passengers, they are top-heavy and so can roll over more easily than smaller, more compact vehicles. Because they are so much heavier than cars, the force they exert in a collision is far greater. Add to this the fact that many buses do not have seatbelts, and that bus passengers are not attentive to the road, neglecting to brace themselves for possible impact, and you have the potential for disaster. The large number of passengers who may be injured on a bus magnifies the possible catastrophe.

Serious Passenger Injuries

Most of us are all too familiar with the serious injuries passengers can suffer when they are involved in accidents. In some cases, passengers bear the brunt, either because of their location relative to impact, or because of the absence of seatbelts or airbags. Common serious injuries suffered by passengers in vehicular crashes include:

In worst case scenarios, passenger injuries are catastrophic, resulting in paralysis, brain damage, loss of vision or hearing, or wrongful death.

Types of Damages Passengers May Recover for Passenger Injuries

In Arizona, there are two basic types of damages passengers can recover after a serious accident: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages pay for actual costs you have incurred as a result of the accident. These include:

  • Medical and rehabilitative expenses
  • Lost wages, present and future
  • Healthcare for permanent disability
  • Property damage (clothing, equipment, jewelry)

Non-Economic Damages attempt to reimburse you for intangibles, such as physical pain, emotional suffering, loss of consortium (ability to provide affection or companionship as previously), and loss of quality of life. If the person liable for your injuries has acted with malice or intent, punitive damages may be awarded as well.

It should be noted that Arizona, according to a particular provision of the state constitution, has no cap on personal injury damages.

Statute of Limitations

There is a 2-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in the state of Arizona. In most cases, the clock starts ticking on the date of the accident. It is always in your best interest to file insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits as quickly as possible because, as most of us are well aware, the wheels of justice turn slowly. In spite of the slow pace at which the courts move, we can assure you that Arizona Lawyers attorneys are efficient and responsive.

Arizona Lawyers Is Ready To Help

At Arizona Lawyers, our attorneys have a well-earned reputation for compassion as well as for providing highly effective legal counsel. We fully understand how overwhelming personal injuries can be. When you have suffered serious physical harm, recovering is a full-time job. Our caring team is available to take over legal and logistical matters so that you can heal without these added burdens. Also, remember that as personal injury attorneys we work on a contingency basis. This means that you won’t have to pay us anything until we win your case. You can reach us by phone or by filling out one of the contact forms on our websites.