Police officer pulling over sober driver.

Look Out! Sober Drivers Being Arrested for DUIs in Phoenix

Why might a police officer arrest a sober driver for a DUI?

Investigations have revealed an alarming number of sober drivers being charged with DUIs in the Phoenix area. According to police and court records, Officer David Morris of the Phoenix police department has made 56 DUI arrests since April of 2018. At least nine of the individuals arrested had their cases dismissed when blood tests revealed they were not intoxicated. The actions of this Phoenix police officer highlight the grave potential for innocent drivers to be charged with a DUI in the state of Arizona.

Sober Drivers Confused and Embarrassed 

The innocent drivers charged with DUIs expressed their frustrations to a reporter with ABC15. One driver reported that she was on only antibiotics at the time of her arrest.  She had an eyelid flutter that she does not know the cause of, but lab results substantiated a lack of drugs or alcohol in her system. Another driver was just on antacid medication at the time of his arrest.  Each of the drivers failed field sobriety testing. Each of them were later found to have clean toxicology tests and the court elected to drop the charges.

The police department has fired back, stating that a clean toxicology test does not necessarily mean the drivers were sober. The police department has defended Officer Morris’ track record, asserting that he has an 83 percent accuracy rate for DUI arrests. Further, the department explains, DUI arrests are made based on the officer’s observations as to the driver’s behavior, which may later be refuted through blood testing.

The Importance of a DUI Attorney

These DUI arrests involving innocent drivers highlight the importance of retaining the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney.  Without representation, it is possible for innocent people to go to jail and be forced to pay extravagant fines, while losing their license for months.  Just because you have been arrested for a DUI does not mean you will be convicted. DUI arrests can be inaccurate if a driver is fatigued, on medication, suffering from a physical condition, and more.  Contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest so that your attorney can start prompt investigations to aid in your defense.  

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