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Life After a DUI

How will I find employment with a DUI conviction on my record?

Being convicted for a DUI can feel overwhelming. You may be dealing with mandatory jail time, satisfying fines and fees, and loss of your driver’s license. You might find yourself worrying about your future. It is important to know that you are not alone. An estimated one million Americans will be arrested for a DUI each year. While a DUI conviction can feel overwhelming and will undoubtedly impact your life, you can and will move past your conviction to a brighter future. Our Phoenix, Arizona DUI defense lawyers discuss life after a DUI below.

Consequences of a DUI

If you have been convicted of a DUI, you will experience several long term consequences. One of the primary issues will be the suspension of your driver’s license. Your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for 90 days but will be suspended for one year if you have refused a chemical test. If this is your second or third offense, you will lose your license for longer. Not having a vehicle can be difficult, as you might find yourself unable to travel to school, work, or even simple places like the grocery store.

Another major consequence is the creation of a criminal record. For some professions, a DUI on your record can result in loss of the job or rejection of your application. Jobs that require a clean driving record often include any job that has you driving regularly for the company. A criminal record could further impact your eligibility for scholarships, loans, and more.

Moving on from a DUI

Though life may seem bleak in the immediate aftermath of a DUI conviction, it is important to put the conviction in perspective. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and you could have greatly injured yourself or others. A DUI conviction is among the lesser of the negative consequences that could have occurred as a result of you driving drunk.

If you are struggling after your conviction, you may want to seek out a support group. Alcoholics Anonymous can bring together people with a common goal of refraining from alcohol. Consider calling a therapist and lean on your supportive friends. You may wish to take up new hobbies or activities. If you are struggling to find employment with your DUI record, you might want to look into getting the conviction expunged. Contact a DUI attorney for more assistance with fighting your DUI charges or seeking an expungement.

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