DUI Defense for College Students

Can a DUI conviction impact my scholarship?

College is often a time of liberation and exploration for young students.  College students are on their own for the first time in their lives, and with this new found freedom sometimes comes experimentation and the pushing of boundaries.  Alcohol is often synonymous with college, and studies show that students drink at high rates.  A large 2010 study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that one in five college students admitted to driving drunk.  Further, more than 40 percent of students admitted to knowingly riding in the car with an intoxicated driver.

Given the high rates of drunk driving among college students, it is no surprise that college students are arrested for DUIs with frequency.  The impact of a DUI on college students can be tremendous.  Many schools will not take a DUI lightly, especially for underage students.  A DUI conviction could impact your continued college education, your scholarships, and much more.  Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers discuss what college students should know if they have been arrested for a DUI and how our firm can help.

Your DUI May Be Reported To Your College

Generally, local police officers will report a DUI to your college.  This makes it critical that you immediately consult with an Arizona DUI defense lawyer.  With notice of the DUI, your college has within its power the right to take several different actions.  The school could institute disciplinary action, especially if you are an underage student.  You will likely need to complete a disciplinary hearing with your college to defend yourself and mitigate your punishment.

Your college could potentially force you to leave student housing.  In the most severe of circumstances, likely reserved for repeat offenders or those with aggravating circumstances, you could be expelled.  Even if the college itself does not take action, you could lose your scholarship funding.  Many scholarship programs have rules in place requiring termination of the scholarship if the student is convicted of a crime.

In addition to the punishments you could face at college, you will have to contend with the very real possibility of prison time, major fines, probation, and loss of your license.  Losing your license could have a real impact on your ability to attend classes should you live off campus, and all of the hearings involved in fighting the charges could hinder you academically.  Contact a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest to ensure your legal rights are protected today.