Drones Used for Committing and Solving Crimes

Drones, a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled remotely, have been utilized for so many purposes. But while about 1.5 million commercial and recreational drones have been registered in the U.S. with the Federal Aviation Administration and widely used by the public over the last five years, it’s not always for good. 

Criminal Acts Involving the Use of Drones

Although there are already so many drones registered in the U.S., this does not account for the many drones that are unregistered and are instead homemade. While these drones can be extremely beneficial for many purposes, like anything else, when placed in the wrong hands they can turn dangerous. Sometimes they are also utilized in the commission of a criminal act. 

Due to the fact that drones remain largely unregulated among the states, often proving very difficult to “catch,” they are often looked at as an appealing option for criminals. This has been seen over the last several years with people using drones for everything from attacking the F.B.I. when it was about to perform a raid, to dropping homemade bombs on the property of others, to smuggling drugs into the country, as was the case in 2015 when Border Patrol caught drones trying to fly 28 pounds of heroin in the country. 

The lack of regulation is only compounded by the fact that the federal government prohibits law enforcement from intercepting drones that are already in flight – even if they are being used to commit a crime. The good news is that drones, when possessed, can offer forensic specialists insight into how they were used, what they were used for, and who used them. The bad news is that in order to discover these specifics the drone must first be obtained – this has proven very difficult. To make matters worse, when they are homemade, it may not be possible to identify who used them. 

Evidence Collection and Public Protection Involving the Use of Drones

Luckily, just as drones are easy to use in the commission of a crime, they are also easy to use by law enforcement to apprehend criminal suspects. Drones are being used at the scene of crimes and accidents more and more, as they can be fitted with everything from thermal imaging to loudspeakers, helping to locate certain people and warn others. 

Cheaper than helicopters, with a great aerial vantage point, drones are often the choice of law enforcement when it comes to getting quickly to various locations and capturing all available evidence, from photographs of landscapes to measurements of cars post-accident. 

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