Defending Against Ponzi Scheme Charges.

White collar crime is a kind of crime that is committed to make financial gain through deceit. It deprives people of their hard-earned wages, savings, and investments, and depletes businesses, corporations, and governments. One of the most high profile kinds of white collar crime in recent years is what is commonly called a Ponzi scheme. At Arizona Lawyers, we know that it can be easy to get sucked into white collar crime like this, due to negative pressures at work, a toxic work culture, or simply because you made a mistake. Read on to learn more about Ponzi schemes and how our experienced white collar crime attorneys can defend you against Ponzi scheme charges.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

In general, a Ponzi scheme is an investment scam which promises investors that they will get a high rate of return while facing little or no risk. When individuals or companies engage in Ponzi schemes, they focus intently on attracting new investing clients, using the money that new investors provide to pay older investors their returns, which appear to them to be legitimate profits. So long as a Ponzi scheme continues to get many new investors, they generally are able to keep up the scam, but when they cease getting new investors eventually the money runs out and the scam is revealed.  

Why Do People Create Ponzi Schemes?

Like all kinds of white collar crime, people create Ponzi schemes for a variety of reasons. At Arizona Lawyers, we know that the people who commit white collar crime are not inherently bad people, but more often are people who simply were facing a significant amount of pressure at work. Sometimes this pressure comes in the form of a demand from managers to increase profit margins, and other times this pressure can come from investors. We also know that it is common for new employees to be sucked into pre-existing Ponzi schemes their predecessors or even current employers have already created.

How Can Arizona Lawyers Defend You if You Are Charged With White Collar Crime?

White collar crime can have serious and long-lasting consequences upon the people it is perpetrated against. However, at Arizona Lawyers we strongly believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. We have comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the statutes regarding all types of white collar crime and the legal know-how to defend you against any and all charges. We also have the resources and capability to perform thorough investigations and to interview witnesses with pertinent knowledge of the events. In addition, we know experts in related fields, such as forensic accounting and appraising, who can be invaluable in providing information to help us determine how best to strategize a defense in your particular case.


Charged With White Collar Crime?

If you have been arrested for a white collar crime in Arizona, you need to contact one of Arizona Lawyers’s skilled criminal defense attorneys immediately to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome. We know how serious the implications of a white collar crime conviction can be for you and your family, and our attorneys will fight to protect your freedom. If you are charged with white collar crime in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Yuma, Flagstaff, or Glenndale, contact us today.