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Federal court house, visited by Phoenix federal criminal defense attorneysIf you have been suspected, accused of, or arrested for a federal crime, you already know that the experience is quite different from facing charges in state court. Federal crimes, because they generally involve interstate commerce, criminal activities across state lines, or crimes that violate federal criminal statutes, are investigated by federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and federal charges are typically brought by the U.S. Department of Justice. You have surely become aware that you are fighting against the heavy machinery of the United States government.

At Arizona Lawyers, our capable criminal defense attorneys know just how frightening it can be to confront federal charges. If you are located in Arizona, we are here in Phoenix, ready to help extricate you from your legal difficulties. Our comprehensive knowledge about federal crimes combined with our decades of experience in practice have led us to develop well-thought-out strategies to defend against federal charges. Our track record of success has given us a well-earned reputation for tactical thinking and courtroom prowess.

The Need to Act Quickly

If you are facing federal investigation or federal charges, it is crucial that you contact our office as quickly as possible. Although you may have some warning that you are being investigated, you may instead be faced with one of the sudden unexpected raids the FBI is famous for. If your computer is confiscated, or your home or office is searched, it is essential that you get in touch with Arizona Lawyers, where we have a full understanding of what you are up against and are well-prepared to take steps to protect your rights and your freedom as soon as we hear from you. Our seasoned attorneys are well aware that the conviction rates at the federal level are much higher than those at the state level and the resulting punishments are typically more severe. The sooner we respond to the accusations against you, the better our chances of getting you an acquittal or a reduced sentence.

Common Federal Crimes

As noted, federal crimes generally involve criminal activity that moves across state lines or is being perpetuated in more than one state. Although most federal crimes are defined as non-violent, many are associated with violence when those involved become desperate to conceal their misdeeds. Some federal crimes, like human trafficking, have violent components to begin with. Included under the umbrella of federal crimes are the following:

  • Bank and securities fraud; counterfeiting
  • Credit card fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion, bribery, illegal gambling
  • Firearms and weapons (use, sale, distribution of guns and other deadly weapons)
  • Human trafficking (both immigration crimes and sex trafficking)
  • Internet fraud (phishing crimes, hacking, pornography distribution)
  • Kidnapping
  • Loan sharking (predatory lending)
  • Money laundering
  • Narcotics offenses (selling, distribution, illegal import or transport)
  • Pornography offenses (production, possession, distribution of child pornography)
  • Racketeering (RICO violations, organized crime)

The penalties for federal crimes are harsh and often have life-altering consequences.

Penalties for Federal Crimes in Arizona

When you are on trial for a federal crime, the stakes are high. In addition to having to pay substantial fines and serve a lengthy prison sentence, if convicted, you will end up with a permanent criminal record. That criminal record may plague you for many years after your release — making it difficult for you to obtain financial aid, government benefits or loans, or to find employment or a place to live. Having a conviction for a federal crime on your record may also interfere with your ability to obtain certain licenses, purchase a gun, or to foster or adopt a child. So many potentially dire consequences make it especially necessary for you to seek out a criminal defense team with the knowledge and aptitude to defend you vigorously.

Defending Against Federal Charges in Arizona

As previously noted, it is essential to begin to defend against federal charges quickly and forcefully. At Arizona Lawyers, our sharp professionals will begin defending you even before your trial since we know how important it is to mount an effective pre-trial defense. We are also aware that federal charges tend to overlap, often creating complications. To prevent your having to serve severe punishments, including large financial fines and harsh prison sentences, we will work diligently to come up with a strategy designed to protect you, your family, your finances, and your freedom. Possible defenses against federal crime charges include:

  • Acting under duress, in fear of harm to you or others if you didn’t comply
  • False accusation or misidentification
  • Entrapment by law enforcement
  • Vindictive prosecution, meaning you were targeted for reasons unrelated to this crime
  • Mitigating circumstances, meaning that you acted out of necessity
  • Incapacity, Intoxication, or Insanity
  • Flawed evidence
  • Mistakes made in search and seizure (e.g. lack of warrants)
  • Mistakes made in arrest procedure (e.g. not reading you your Miranda rights)
  • Mistreatment while in federal custody (threats, intimidation, physical abuse)

It is also possible that our adept attorneys may be able to prove that you acted innocently, without malicious intent, unaware of the illegality of your actions.

Superior Legal Counsel Is Your Best Protection Against Federal Charges

When are struggling with federal charges, there is no time for missteps. Make sure you come to our excellent legal advisors as soon as you know you are in trouble. Our highly qualified attorneys at Arizona Lawyers will immediately calm you down. Unlike you, we have been through this harrowing experience before and know just how to fend off the prosecution’s arguments. We will listen to your account of the events carefully, investigate your case thoroughly, and craft your defense based on its particulars. We know that you come to us with a troubled mind and look forward to resolving your legal issues in the best possible way. You can contact us by phone or by filling out a contact form on our website.