Are Synthetic Drugs Legal in Arizona?

A synthetic or “designer” drug is essentially a legal version of an illegal narcotic. For this reason, in recent years these drugs have greatly increased in popularity. Synthetic drugs include substances such as bath salts, Spice, and K2, which have had their chemical structures slightly altered from illegal drugs in order to get around the law. However, this won’t last for long, as law enforcement is honing in on the distribution of these drugs and attempting to eradicate it. 

House Bill 2327

More and more states have started to ban synthetic drugs. With the passage of House Bill 2327, Arizona began its ban on synthetic drugs in April 2013. Since they have been deemed illegal, state and federal law enforcement agencies have cracked down on anyone attempting to buy or sell them. 

The reported purpose of House Bill 2327 is to protect young children from the harm often caused by these drugs. Although these drugs can create a state of euphoria in those who get high from them, more and more middle and high school students appear to be using them. This isn’t all too surprising considering that their makers are master marketers, placing them in brightly colored packages and have names such as “Skittles” and “Scooby-Doo.” This effort hopes to combat the scary statistics. According to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, in 2012, almost 7 percent of eighth-graders; more than 11 percent of tenth-graders; and almost 14 percent of high school seniors had tried synthetic drugs. 

Legal Sales of Synthetic Drugs Now Illegal 

Businesses known as “smoke shops” or “head shops” are often the target of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and local law enforcement. Prior to the passing of House Bill 2327, these businesses were legally selling synthetic drugs that are now on the list of those banned. They were marketing them as “legal” alternatives to “safely” achieve a high.  They are no longer legally allowed, as they provide a similar effect as their narcotic counterparts. 

One of the toughest things about enforcing the ban on synthetic drugs is keeping up with the constantly changing products by drug companies. In other words, by changing even one simple ingredient, they can continue on without much interruption. But luckily, thanks to HB2327, there has been a decrease in supply.

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