Truck Accident

4 Most Common Big Rig Accident Causes

Truck accidents are extremely dangerous. The huge size difference between a big rig and a passenger vehicle means that the truck driver is rarely injured—but the passenger car’s driver and passengers could be fatally injured in a truck accident. Avoiding these accidents could mean life or death in some cases. Thankfully, big rig accidents are caused by some of the same occurrences over and over again. That means that knowing these common causes may be able to help you avoid a big rig accident. When preventing the crash is not possible, you can turn to an Arizona personal injury attorney for help.

  • Driver Error

Truck drivers can commit the same types of errors as regular passenger vehicles. They are still susceptible to things like drugs, alcohol, and distractions. They are also more likely than the average passenger vehicle to drive while they are tired. Truck drivers spend a great deal of time on the road, and that can lead to drowsiness. They may also be up against deadlines, which may encourage or even force them to drive when they should be sleeping.

Despite these concerns, the driver error may actually end up being because of the passenger vehicle instead of the truck driver. A mistake around a truck can be fatal. It is critical that other drivers use extra caution around big rig vehicles.

  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance

It is not uncommon for big rigs to drive millions of miles before they must be retired. All of those miles mean that the truck can have significant wear and tear. Tire blowouts and engine problems can easily cause an accident. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that these types of very serious issues do not occur while driving.

Maintenance is often the responsibility of the driver, but it can fall to the trucking company or a separate maintenance company as well. When poor maintenance causes a big rig accident, you may need to include whoever is responsible for the regular upkeep of the truck in your legal claim.

  • Bad Weather

The weather is a factor in many big rig accidents. Although Arizona generally does not see any snow, sudden, heavy rains can still cause problems on the road. Truck drivers are more likely than passenger vehicle drivers to drive in weather conditions that are unsafe. They will also more frequently drive faster than is safe for the conditions. These irresponsible actions can easily cause accidents on Arizona roads.

  • Improper Loading

A big rig must be appropriately loaded to ensure that the driver can safely maneuver the vehicle. Loading cargo incorrectly can result in a driver losing control of the truck if he or she has to engage in accident avoidance movements. Even merely turning the truck around a sharp corner can lead to tipping problems if the truck is not loaded properly.

Some truck drivers will not load their trucks themselves. Instead, another company, including the business for which the driver is hauling may load the cargo. That can mean that the loading company may also be involved in your lawsuit.

The cause of your truck accident will dictate which parties must be involved in the case. Your Arizona personal injury lawyer will be able to help you determine who should be included and who can be left out. Call us today for more information about how we can help with your big rig accident claim.